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NY Workers Comp Class Code 1853 MICA GOODS MFG. & MICA PREPARING Rate update for 2024

NY Workers CompThe creation processes of sheet mica and pressed mica are referenced in NY workers Comp Class Code 1853. In regard to the production of mica and book mica, knives are used to split the already partially split mica even further into sheets of the required thickness. These knives are either used by hand or workers use specially made table-mounted knives. After that, the mica that has been split is moved to get stamped into the shapes required by buyers. This is done by punch presses. These products are often used for purposes related to electrical work. Burling machines are used for the mica that does not fit the size requirements for the punch presses. A liquid solution is added to the mica in the burling machines, which then makes sheets of the proper size for the pressing process. Most of the work in terms of fixing problems in the mica and making the mica into sheet sizes that are usable is completed by hand by skilled workers. The sheets that are produced by this process then go through a drying procedure. They are air-dried, placed into heating ovens and then finally sanded to perfection. After this, they are added to the proper shipping containers and are sent to buyers.

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