NY Workers’ Comp Class Code 8292: Storage Warehouse (NOC)

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NY Workers’ Comp Class Code 8292: Storage Warehouse (NOC)

What Insureds Can Use NY Workers’ Comp Class Code 8292: Storage Warehouse (NOC)

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Class code 8292: Storage Warehouse (NOC) applies to insureds engaged in the warehousing or storage of general merchandise for business concerns that are not otherwise classified in the Workers’ Comp Manual. Insureds classified under 8292 care for and maintain the warehouse and its equipment, as well as receive, store, and release the merchandise. The merchandise is not owned by the insured. Insureds that store merchandise that they own are assigned to the applicable store classification, not 8292.

Warehouse class code 8292 refers to insured’s that store merchandise over long periods of time. When merchandise is received, sorted, broken down, and moved on a frequent basis, class codes 7350 or 7360 apply. Also, any drivers engaged in hauling the merchandise to or from the warehouse are rated separately under class code 7219: Trucking NOC.

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