NY Workers’ Comp Insurance Rate For Flowers and Plants Code 8001

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NY Workers' Comp class code 8001

​NY Workers’ Comp Code 8001 Rate For Flowers and Plants

NY Workers' Comp class code 8001NY Workers’ Comp class code 8001: Who Does It Apply To?

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NY Workers’ Comp class code 8001 is applied to a store that is principally engaged in the wholesale or retail selling of fresh-cut flowers, potted plants, shrubs, trees, leaves and branches of natural vegetation, bulks, and floral arrangements. Service away from the store’s premises including delivery and set-up of floral arrangements at a customer’s premises or another location specified by the customer is also included. Plantscaping, which is the maintenance of living plants inside a customer’s premises, is also included under NY Workers’ Comp class code 8001. This does not include plant-scaping that is performed by insureds engaged in nursery, landscaping, or plant businesses that do not apply to class code 8001.

Similar operations that do not apply to NY Workers’ Comp class code 8001 include dealers engaged in the principal sale of garden supplies such as flowerpots, fertilizer, sod, birdbaths, and statuary. These operations are instead included under class code 8010. Cultivating or gardening operations are classified under 0035. Any operations performed on the premises of customers other than plant-scaping, including the planting or care of lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs, and landscaping, are included under class code 0042.

NY Workers’ Comp Class Code 8001 Rate

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