NY Workers Comp Class Code 5188 Automatic Sprinkler Installtion Gets a 28% Increase

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NY Workers Comp Class Code 5188  Automatic Sprinkler Installation Rates For 2024

What Insureds Can Use NY Workers Comp Code 5188 Automatic Sprinkler Installation:

New Rates

NY Workers Comp Code 5188 includes both shop and field operations which is applied to companies engaged in the installation of various types of automatic sprinkler systems primarily fire sprinkler systems. It also applies to contractors who install systems that use chemicals that dissolve at certain temperatures to permit water to flow from the system’s pipes. It is also applicable to dry-head sprinklers that use air to block the flow of water from the pipes until a certain temperature is reached. This NY Workers Comp Class Code 5188 includes Drivers that would deliver the finished product from the shop to the job site to be installed by the same insured. The shop operations consist of the assembly of the various sizes of the pipe by cutting and threading as well as the assembly of materials fittings, such as sprinkler heads, couplings, valves, hangers, regulators and alarms that will be installed at the job site. Incidental cutting or threading may be performed at the job site in order for the sprinkler lines to run through walls and floors. The majority of the piping is done at ceiling level, which requires extensive work on scaffolding (a temporary or movable platform for workers to stand or sit on when working at a height above the floor). This code is specific to interior sprinklers that extinguish fires.

What Carriers Write NY Workers Comp Class Code 5188  Automatic Sprinkler Installation:

This is considered an artisan contractor class. Companies that have a solid safety record can expect competitive bids for their business from multiple carriers.

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