NY Workers’ Comp Class Code 4361: Photographer – All Employees & Clerical, Salespersons, Drivers

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Which Insureds Can Use NY Workers’ Comp Class Code 4361: Photographer

NY Worker’s Comp class code 4361: Photographer applies to insureds engaged in the business of photography and/or videography. This class code encompasses all employees, including the photographers and videographers who capture images on photographic or magnetic media; laboratory technicians who process the images; clerical employees; salespersons; and drivers.

NY Workers’ Comp class code 4361 also applies to centralized film development facilities and printing laboratories, and retail film development and print shops. Employees of these businesses open envelopes, tag or clip the film, develop and print the pictures, and check, inspect, and package the finished work for mailing or delivery to stores or individual customers. Blueprint and photostat businesses that provide services for architects, engineers, industrial engineering departments, and businesses offices also fall under NY Workers’ Comp class code 4361. Similarly, the microfilming of x-rays, hospital records and other documents for contract customers is also assigned to class code 4361.

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