NY Workers’ Comp Class Code 4299: Printing

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NY Workers’ Comp Class Code 4299: Printing

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NY Worker’s Comp class code 4299: Printing applies to insureds engaged in commercial printing. These operations may include hand typesetting; linotyping; electrotyping; monotyping; stereotyping; transferring of photocopy to metal plates; press operations; perforating, folding and incidental cutting; collating; thread or wire stitching; gluing; binding of catalogues, pamphlets or circulars; printing or embossing by machine from engraved plates; and photocomposition methods. NY Workers’ Comp class code 4299 applies to businesses that complete printing for the general public.

NY Workers’ Comp class code 4299 also applies to insureds that electrotype and produce electrotyped plates. Insureds that manufacture playing cards, as well as rubber or plastic stamps are also included under class code 4299. Artists, designers, proofreaders, editors, or clerical office employees are classed separately under 8810. NY Workers’ Comp class code does not apply to insureds engaged in bookbinding (4307), engraving (4352), newspaper publishing (4304), photoengraving (4351), or quick printing (8015).

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