NY Workers’ Comp Class Code 2417: Cloth Printing

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NY Workers' Comp class code 2417

NY Workers’ Comp Class Code 2417: Cloth Printing

Cloth Printing Workers Comp INsurance

Rates for 2024

NY Worker’s Comp class code 2417: Cloth Printing applies to insureds engaged in the machine printing of all fabrics, including such fabrics as cotton, silk, and wool. Rolls of cloth are generally received from textile manufacturing plants along with instructions on how the printing should be performed. The insured then creates silk screens to match the customer’s desired designs and places the screens in machines that automatically print the cloth. The machines print, dry, and cure the cloth in one continuous operation.

NY Workers’ Comp class code 2417 does not apply to the silk screening of individual garments done by hand. Instead, these types of operations are included under class code 2501. Similarly, class code 2413 applies to businesses engaged in processing crude cloth into finished cloth, which includes silk screening of the finished cloth completed by a machine.

NY Workers’ Comp Class Code 2417 Rate for 2024

NY Workers’ Comp class code 2417 rates are available on our rate page.

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