NY Workers Comp Board Inquiry Notice – Timely Response Is A Must!

Ed WinslowUpdates

Important Update For Workers Comp Policy Owners

NY State Workers Comp is a mandatory coverage for all businesses in NY State with W-2 Employees. The Workers Comp Board in NY State is the regulatory arm that checks to make sure that each company doing Business in NY State is complying with the Workers Comp Laws by maintaining a current policy. They have several resources at their disposal to verify coverage such as the NY State Dept of Labor, Carriers licensed to do business in NY State and the Department of State.

When the board is questioning whether or not a business has coverage they send out an Inquiry Notice which allows the business owner the ability to prove coverage is in place or give reasons why no coverage exists. The NY State Workers Comp board gives the business owner 30 days to respond to the notice. If no response is sent in via mail or Web then the State starts the Non Compliance Penalty clock.  I say clock because it is a race against time because the board penalizes the uninsured $2000 for every 10 days with out coverage. So by the time the penalty notice goes out the amount has usually climbed to $12,000. A timely response can make or break a penalty reduction or negotiation.

Most often there is an easy solutions and answer to the Inquiry Notice.  But in the case where no coverage existed you are going to need the help of seasoned Workers Comp professional.  Enforce Coverage can help you answer and response to WCB Penalty notices.