NY State Workers Comp Code 2003 Bakeries

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workers comp for industrial bakeries

NY State Workers Comp Code 2003 Bakeries

Description: NY State Workers Comp Code 2003 applies to baking or frying baked goods, cookies and crackers, and cooked or uncooked frozen bakery items. This class includes all sizes of bakeries, from the large commercial type to the small neighborhood bakery. NY State Workers Comp Code 2003 also applies to companies that pre-make pizza crust that has been prepared using a baking process. Heavy mechanical equipment for dough mixing, bread slicing and wrapping is utilized by the commercial bakery, while at the smaller bakery much of the work may be done by hand. NY State Workers Comp Code 2003 includes salespersons and drivers.

Who Can Use Code NY State Code 2003:

Establishments that manufacture baked goods, cookies and crackers, cookies and uncooked frozen items. Baked goods include bread , bagels, cake, donuts,sweet rolls, pies, pizza dough, and tortillas. Cookies and crackers include toaster pastries, ice cream cones, wafers, matzoh, and soft pretzels. Cooked and uncooked frozen Items are frozen pies, bread, cookie or pizza dough and pastries.

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Market Conditions for NY State Code 2003:

Code 2003 Bakeries NOC is a desirable class of business for many carriers writing Workers Comp in New York State. Often times the owner is on premises and keeps a close eye on the establishment which underwriters like because it usually equates to a safe work environment. Contact Us to obtain a quote


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