New York Workers Comp Rate 8350 Fuel Oil Dealer

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New York Workers Comp rate fuel oil dealer

New York Workers Comp rate fuel oil dealerNew York Workers Comp Rate 8350 Fuel Oil

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The New York Workers Comp rate 8350  This is typically a class of business that has been hit hard as far as the New York Workers Comp Rate goes.

New York Workers Comp Rate 8350 Fuel Oil Dealer who does it apply to:

New York Workers Comp code 8350 is applied to companies engaged in gasoline and oil distribution. These dealers receive various grades of refined gasoline and oil which are pumped into storage tanks. There may be incidental mixing and blending operations utilizing a small system of pipelines  which lead from the storage tanks to the mixers, and from there to conveniently located outlets from which the products are filled into tank trucks prior to delivery. The New York Workers Comp Rate classification contemplates dealers such as refinery distributors who sell and distribute gasoline and lubricating oil directly to retail filling stations and, in addition, make bulk deliveries of fuel oil to factories, apartment houses, office  buildings and private residences.  Additionally, jobbers who operate in the same manner fall within the scope of New York Workers Comp Code 8350 as well as retailers who distribute fuel oil in smaller quantities. These retail dealers  do not maintain bulk storage plants and do not handle gasoline or  lubricating oil. The incidental handling and sale of coal by these fuel oil dealers is assigned to Code 8350 provided it is not a substantial part of their total operations. This classification also is applied to New York Workers Comp Rate oil or gasoline dealers who, as an incidental phase of their general operations, engage in spreading oil on roads.

New York Workers Comp Rate 8350 Fuel Oil Dealer: Who Writes it:

Association based NY State Insurance Fund safety groups have a strong hold in this market due to tight association relationships. How ever this is a sought after New York Workers Comp Rate 8350 class code for specialty carriers due to the large rate as well as the advantage of an agent being able to write the fleet as well. Safe companies with little losses will always end up with preferable pricing. Enforce Coverage can help companies that have losses. We can help navigate you through the New York Workers Comp system.  Assist in putting safety practices into place and help cultivate your business for a preferred carrier. Contact Us for a no obligation evaluation of your business.

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