New York Workers Comp Code 5462 Glaziers Decreases 10.1%

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glass merchants & glaziers workers comp code New York

Good news for New York Workers Comp Code 5462 Glaziers. New and renewal policies will have a 10.1 percent decrease on the rates. Effective October 1, 2015, the state applied a loss cost revision, which changed workers comp rates for NY employers. The rates decreased from $12.63 to $11.36.

Workers Comp Code 5462 Glaziers & Glass Merchants

This class code affects employees of glass merchants who deliver and install plate glass for storefronts and windows away from the physical facilities of the employer. It also includes replacement of glass and mirrors.

Companies that install or replace windows for commercial buildings or residences use this payroll code.
Although many glass merchants believe only the New York State Fund provides coverage, there are a few specialty carriers that offfer coverage for class code 5462 when the company has a history of favorable loss ratios.

Glass merchants and glaziers use the code for installation along with class code 8232, building materials. Code 8232 applies to lumberyards and building material dealers.

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