New York Workers Comp Class Code 5022 – Masonry Rates 2020 Decreases – 8.4%

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New York Workers Comp-Class Code 5022

Definition-Class Code 5022 Masonry NOC- applies to Contractors engaged in masonry work  unless the job description is otherwise classified in the NCCI or Scopes manual.

Who can use it?- Contractors who perform  masonry work in residential, commercial or  industrial structures. Code 5022 also applies to trade contractors that construct  fireplaces,  residential chimney construction ( 2 stories or less) installation of interior partitions of hollow fireproof tiles, installation of gypsum blocks or bricks, exterior building caulking, boiler brick work, masonry repair and relining of blast furnaces, masonry or tile silo erection, sawing of concrete block walls and waterproofing of building exteriors by use of trowels.

Materials Involved:  Brick, brick veneer or cement, concrete, stone, marble or glass blocks, gypsum block. The classification does not include the building of forms or the pouring of concrete.

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Who’s Writing this Coverage: Typically Masons or contractors involved in Masonry think the NY State Insurance Fund is their only option.  However, for risks with a better than average loss history and an eye for safety this can be placed in select Programs or Private insurance carriers