New York- Work Comp Code 3629 Precision Machined Parts

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NYS Work Comp class code 3629 Precision Machined Parts Mfg. experiences.

Description: NY Code 3629 Precision Machined Parts applies to the machining of parts of which 50% are  machined within tolerances of .001 inch or smaller.  Otherwise NYS code 3632  Machine Shop NOC would apply.  Industries that often require precision machined parts are manufauturers of arms, aircraft, medical devices and/or similar apparatus.

Operations:  NYS precision machinists are highly skilled employees with the ability to operate computer numerical control (CNC) machinery.  These toolmakers operate within extremely tight tolerances and are subject to strict insepection and quaility controls.

Pricing:  New York class code – 3629 Precision Machined Parts Mfg. Contact us for updated rates.   Enforce Coverage Group LLC provides cost effective alternartives to the rasing cost of NYS workers compensation premiums.  Give us a call for a price quote 212-947-4298 today.

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