Money Saving Tip: Check Workers Comp Rates for Roofing

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NY and NJ class codes for roofing

Even without the state mandate for coverage in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, the inherent risk associated with installing and repairing roofs makes workers compensation insurance a must.

Workers comp insurance covers the cost of medical expenses and lost wages for employees involved in workplace injuries or accidents. In the event of a lawsuit, this vital coverage handles the high costs of a claim without bringing the business to potential financial ruin.

Roofing contractors operate in quite the dangerous profession. Extreme weather conditions and high heights are just some of the causes for roofing companies and their employees to put themselves in danger during various construction projects and tasks. Because of this risk, roofers typically pay some of the highest rates of any other industry.

For many companies, that means they must find ways to reduce workers comp costs as much as possible. Below you’ll find a few options to help you with your rates:

  1. Join a trade association. Members of group safety programs and trade organizations often receive special discounts on insurance.
  2. Develop a formal, written safety program and use it. Safety programs keep employees focused on safety and knowledgeable on how to prevent workplace injuries.
  3. Keep workers comp claims down. A large number of claims on your policy can mean a higher experience modification that will increase your company rates over and above the state’s base rates.
  4. Shop rates at renewal time. The best way to ensure that you are receiving the best rates possible is to get quotes from a few different insurance carriers. That way you can compare pricing and coverage benefits to determine which insurance provider will meet your budget and needs.

Below you’ll find information about workers comp classification codes for the roofing industry by state. With the exception of Connecticut, the following states are all operated by independent insurance bureaus that set rates and regulations for insurance.

New York Workers Comp Class Codes for Roofing

1463 Roof Paper/Felt Preparation: No install and drivers
1624 Roofing Slate Mfg. or Slate Slitting & Drivers
5545 Roofing NOC, Yard Employees & Drivers
5547 Roofing – Built-Up & Drivers

New Jersey Workers Comp Class Codes for Roofing-Related Businesses

1624 Roofing Slate Mfg
4283 Roofing Paper or Felt Preparation – No Install
5551 Roofing – All kinds & Drivers

Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Insurance Classification Codes for Roofers

0659 Roofing

Connecticut Workers Compensation Class Codes

Connecticut’s rate classifications follow the NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) guidelines.

1624 Slate Roofing Manufacturing
1741 Roofing granules manufacturing & drivers
4283 Roof paper or roofing felt manufacturing
4741 Roofing compound manufacturing of asphalt and asbestos & drivers
5551 Roofing – all kinds: yard employees and drivers
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