Safety Tips: Take Precautions When Operating a Forklift

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Forklifts, also called powered industrial trucks, help companies perform essential loading, unloading and warehousing tasks, but they are also quite dangerous. Driving a forklift is a serious responsibility and should not be taken lightly. Forklift drivers must be properly trained and follow all safety procedures and precautions.

New York Forklift Insurance Safety Tips

Below are some of the basic safety practices that business owners & managers expect forklift drivers to observe. By following these tips, businesses can help to prevent accidents and insurance claims on their liability and/or workers comp insurance coverage.


  • Each day, check that the forklift is ready for the day’s work and perform any necessary maintenance before operating.
  • Report any malfunction or poor performance to your supervisor immediately.


• Use reverse when going down inclines and go forward up inclines.
• Do not travel with the load elevated, and keep the load stable and as close to the floor as possible.
• Avoid raising or lowering a load while the forklift is moving.
• Always keep the load tilted back towards the carriage while raising and lowering.
• Make sure the load is balanced and is within the capacity of the forklift.
• Never use the forks as a personnel elevator unless properly equipped.


• Always make sure your driving path is clear.
• Slow down for corners, blind spots, and doorways.
• Drive defensively by always being aware of your surroundings and watching for the unexpected.
• Never try to turn on an incline.
• Cross tracks diagonally and slow down for uneven floors and surfaces.
• Keeps legs, arms, feet, hands, and head inside the forklift.
• Always give those on foot the right of way.
• Stay out from under forks and loads.
• Never show off or use the machine for anything other than your specified job tasks.
• Never give anyone a ride or allow anyone who is untrained to operate the forklift.

In order to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone in the workplace, it is important that all forklift drivers operate their machinery responsibly and with safety in mind.

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