NYS Workers Comp Code 8832 Physician and Clerical

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NYS Workers Comp Rate for Code 8832 Physician and Clerical rises 7% in 2011.

Description: Code 8832 applies to medical providers that operate in a typical doctor’s office environment. This includes physicians, dentists, other employees providing medical services, maintenance personnel engaged exclusively in cleaning or maintaining the portion of the premises used for professional purposes and clerical office employees. This Code includes employees of a physician’s office that is located in a hospital, who are employed by the physician and not employed by the hospital. Ophthalmologists and optometrists are included in Code 8832 as long as they only provide eye examinations in a typical doctor’s office environment. Also included are speech therapy, physical therapy, weight control service, and other medical or physical service-type tasks in their offices.

Pricing: Solid companies with a good loss history can obtain better than average pricing on NYS Workers compensation rates.

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