Who Is the “0106” Workers’ Comp Class Code For?

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A Code For Trimming Trees

The 0106 workers’ comp class code is for tree trimmers. The 0106 workers comp class code applies to businesses working with keeping trees cut back. Workers’ comp protects employees while they’re doing dangerous work like tree trimming. 0106 is a specific workers’ comp class code that can be hard to understand.

The 0106 workers’ comp classification applies to specialist contractors who use equipment that prunes, trims, or sprays trees. If you’re using this type of equipment for your business, it’s important to know how the 0106 classification works. Whether your employee is in the tree or on the ground, this classification is for you. The 0106 code also includes the harvesting of Christmas trees by specialists. Landscaping operations, such as lawn mowing and shrub trimming, are not included in the 0106 code.

Business owners who provide tree trimming services should have coverage. Workers’ compensation insurance can protect your business while trimming trees, and that’s why it is important to know class code 0106. If there is an accident with some equipment, then you need the proper insurance protection for employees in case something happens during a job or on their way home from work!

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