2 Simple Questions Answered for NY Masonry Contractors

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masonry constractors

Enforce Coverage Group offers insurance services designed specifically for masonry contractors or brick masons in the NY area! We offer coverage for many different types of work, so you can feel free to do your job without worrying about any accidents happening during the process.

If you’re looking to protect your brick masonry business from any potential damages that could happen while working on jobs, Enforce Coverage Group should be your first stop! We offer a variety of different policies designed to cover everything.

1. What is workers’ comp insurance coverage for masonry contractors, and how does it work?

Workers’ compensation insurance for masonry construction can fall under a lot of different categories. For instance, maybe your business needs general liability coverage, or maybe your business needs professional liability and commercial auto insurance. Enforce Coverage Group can provide them all.

Your masonry business may need multiple types of coverage to protect your employees in all areas. Workers’ comp insurance for masonry construction covers your employees if they are injured during any part of their job.

The proper insurance covers everything from cutting off a finger to slipping and falling. The coverage could help provide the injured employee with financial assistance while they recover. Good insurance would take care of lost wages and medical bills depending on the workers’ comp insurance.

The goal behind these policies isn’t to pay for the injury but to ensure employees are well cared for during any time they cannot work. Workers’ compensation insurance involves finding the best classification codes to place your business’s operations under.

NY Masonry Contractors Workers Comp

Class Code 5022

Class code 5022 identifies specific work done by masonry construction. This code involves operations that have anything to do with laying bricks. Tuckpointing and exterior building caulking also fall under this class code. Any brick cleaning and work to do with stucco or plaster are classified under 5022.

What Does NOC Mean?

NOC is an acronym for Not Otherwise Classified. This acronym is used when a class code is non-specific. When you see NOC, it means your business is being generally described and classified. These class codes are typically considered high risk and can make insurance more expensive for a business.

2. Why should masonry contractors get workers’ compensation insurance in NY?

Masonry construction is one of the most exciting trades in construction. It involves manual labor and skill, with brick masons spending their days ensuring that every brick is in place. Unfortunately, there are a lot of risks involved as well.

Brick masons can injure themselves on dangerous tools or fall from heights when they’re working to build tall structures. Bricklayers also need to be careful about breathing in dust particles that could cause serious lung problems over time.

You may not realize this, but you can be liable for your employee’s injuries if you don’t have adequate coverage. If you have a good workers’ comp plan, your business will be protected and can focus on hiring the best employees to provide quality work. Masonry contractors can get coverage for injury and property damage as well, so they won’t be liable if something goes wrong on the job.

It is also illegal not to provide workers’ compensation insurance for your employees in the state of New York. So check out Enforce Coverage Group because we can provide your business with custom coverage that will fit your business’s needs.

Brick Masons Workers Comp NY

3. Why you need to contact Enforce Coverage Group!

Our crew at Enforce has many years in the industry. They are experts in providing coverage and helping businesses like yours find a competitive rate when it may be difficult due to high volume. We know that going thru all the classification codes is the best way to find the perfect coverage for your business.

Enforce Coverage Group doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to finding the coverage you need. Call us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have and help your business get back on track with workers’ comp insurance.

Protect your business today! Send us an email at contactus@enforcecoverage.com or give us a call at (212) 947-4298.


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