NYS Workers Comp Code 8006 Self-Service Gas Station and Convenience/Grocery

NYS Workers Comp Rate for Code 8006 Self-Service Gas Station and Convenience/Grocery rises 3rd year row.

Description: Code 8006 includes stores principally engaged in the retail selling of groceries, fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, frozen foods, coffee, tea, spices, and delicatessen foods such as cold cuts, salads, pickles, smoked fish, and other so-called “appetizers.” These stores may not handle fresh meats. Also the receipts from food or beverages must not be higher than 50% of total receipts and receipts from gasoline sales less than 90% of total (total receipts exclude receipts from sales of lottery tickets). These stores may also sell a minor amount of other merchandise, such as soda, beer, household cleaning items, paper products, cigarettes and some drugstore items.

Pricing: Solid companies with a good loss history can obtain better than average pricing on NYS Workers compensation rates.

Compensation rates for Convenience stores


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