NY Workers Comp Rates for Retail & Wholesale


NY workers compensation rates

Worker Comp Insurance for retail and wholesale businesses covers a wide range of professions. If your retail store or wholesale outlet has full-time or part-time employees, you are required by New York State law to have workers compensation insurance.

NY Workers Comp Rates for Retailers, Auto, Professional Services & Healthcare

Class CodeClassification / Phraseology NYSIFOption 1 Option 2 Option 3
3821Automobile Dismantling & Drivers18.2915.1315.1318.7
8381Automobile Gasoline Station -Self-Service Gasoline Exclusively - No Convenience Store5.484.534.535.6
8382Automobile Gasoline And/Or Service Stations - Self Service Gasoline Station - With Convenience Store3.562.952.953.64
8391Automobile Sales or Service Agency-All Operations-& Drivers6.024.984.986.16
8392Automobile Parking Lot & Drivers4.343.593.594.43
8829Convalescent Or Nursing Home - All Employees6.
8831Veterinary Hospital & Drivers2.
8832Physician & Clerical0.810.670.670.83
8833Hospital-Professional Employees2.532.092.092.58
8854Health Care Services - Medical Or Other Professional Services - Traveling6.75.545.546.85
8857Social Case Workers - Traveling4.033.333.334.12
8864Developmental Organizations - All Employees & Salespersons, Drivers5.334.414.415.45
8865Alcohol or Drug Rehabilitation Facility-All Employees-& Clerical5.644.664.665.77
8866Assisted Living Facility - All Employees & Clerical5.634.654.655.75
8869Day Care Centers-Children-Professional Employees & Clerical, Salespersons1.
9040Hospital - All Other Employees8.296.856.858.47
9051Health Care Services - Daily Living Skills Services - Traveling7.576.266.267.74
9059Day Care Centers-Children-All Other Employees & Drivers13.7811.411.414.09
8742Salespersons, Collectors or Messengers-Outside0.480.40.40.49
8803Clerical Service Contractor - Traveling0.
8809Executive Officers NOC-Not Foremen, Workers or Salespersons0.310.250.250.31
8810Clerical Office Employees NOC0.
8820Attorney-All Employees-& Clerical, Messengers, Drivers0.
8838Public Library - Professional Employees - Includes Attendants & Ushers0.770.640.640.79
8868School-Professional Employees & Clerical0.820.680.680.84
8871Telecommuter Clerical Employees0.650.540.540.67
8901Telephone or Telegraph Co-Office or Exchange Employees & Clerical0.310.250.250.31
9549Advertising Co. & Drivers5.484.534.535.6
2590Dry Cleaning - Retail & Route Salespersons, Drivers3.993.33.34.08
2591Dry Cleaning Or Laundry Commerical & Route Salespersons, Drivers8.236.816.818.42
4130Glass Merchant11.729.699.6911.98
4310Greeting Card Dealer - Wholesale6.044.994.996.17
4312Newspaper Carriers-Including Use of Bicycles4.13.393.394.19
7998Hardware Store - Retail6.
7999Hardware Store - Wholesale3.312.742.743.39
8001Florist Store & Drivers4.733.923.924.84
8006Grocery Store - Retail3.052.522.523.11
8008Clothing or Wearing Apparel Store-Retail1.651.361.361.69
8012Quick Printing2.
8013Jewelry Store0.730.610.610.75
8016Photocopy Shops-All Employees-& Clerical, Outside Salespersons, Drivers0.730.610.610.75
8017Retail Store NOC-No Service of Food2.
8018Wholesale Store NOC6.
8021Meat Dealer - Wholesale8.687.187.188.88
8025Bicycle Store - Retail3.
8031Meat Store-Retail4.884.044.044.99
8032Clothing or Wearing Apparel Store-Wholesale1.521.251.251.55
8034Grocery Store-Wholesale9.487.847.849.7
8039Department Store - Retail4.123.413.414.22
8043Retail Store NOC - Including Service of Food - Not Restaurants2.031.681.682.08
8044Furniture Store - Wholeslae Or Retail & Drivers5.764.764.765.89
8046Automobile Accessories Store NOC - Retail & Drivers6.
8047Drug Store-Wholesale3.422.832.833.5
8048Fruit Or Vegetable Store - Wholesale9.437.87.89.64
8068Art Gallery & Clerical0.970.80.80.99
8069Cellular Telephone Store - Retail1.741.441.441.78
8072Book Store-Retail1.781.471.471.82
8090Auctioneers & Salespersons-Outside1.981.641.642.03
8102Seed Merchant14.0611.6311.6314.38
8103Wool Merchant & Drivers7.636.316.317.81
8105Hide or Leather Dealer5.334.414.415.45
8106Iron Or Steel Merchant & Drivers11.469.489.4811.72
8107Machinery Dealer NOC - Store Or Yard & Drivers6.745.585.586.9
8111Plumbers' Supplies Dealer & Drivers7.516.226.227.68
8116Farm Machinery Dealer-All Operations-& Drivers4.964.14.15.07
8199Farm Or Feed Supply Dealer - Retail - Exclusively6.495.375.376.64
8209Vegetable Packing & Drivers13.3411.0311.0313.64
8215Hay, Grain, Feed or Fertilizer Dealer-& Local Managers, Drivers17.1714.214.217.56
8747Showroom Salespersons0.410.340.340.42
8748Automobile Salespersons2.021.671.672.07
8840Religious House Of Worship - Professional Employees0.840.690.690.86
9016Amusement Park or Exhibition Operation & Drivers12.7910.5810.5813.08
9048Camp Operation - Recreational Or Educational - All Employees - & Drivers4.83.973.974.91
9052Hotel NOC-All Other Employees-& Drivers5.854.844.845.98
9055Exercise or Health Institute1.981.641.642.03
9058Hotel NOC-Restaurant Employees4.393.633.634.49
9060Club - Country, Gold, Fishing, Or Yacht & Clerical2.
9061Clubs NOC-All Employees-& Clerical2.742.272.272.8
9063YMCA, YWCA, YMHA or YWHA, Institution-All Employees-& Clerical1.981.641.642.03
9065Club - Tennis-Private & Clerical1.71.411.411.74
9071Restaurant - Full - Service - Including Entertainers And or Musicians 3.052.522.523.11
9072Restaurant-Fast Food-& Drivers3.382.792.793.45
9074Bar, Dance Club, Lounge, Nightclub Or Tavern - Including Entertainers And Or Musicians 2.071.721.722.12
9093Sports Related Entertainment Facilities3.272.712.713.35
9101School Or College - All Other Employees & Drivers5.734.744.745.86
9102Park NOC-All Employees-& Drivers4.994.134.135.1
9149Theater - Drive-In - All Employees & Drivers3.292.722.723.36
9157Theatrical Prod. In Which Players/Ents. Dance, Skate, Perform Acrobatics - Players, Ents, Musicians 7.346.076.077.51
9158Theatrical Prod. In Which Players/Ents. Dance, Skate, Perform Acrobatics - All Other Employees2.812.322.322.87
9159Theatrical Production NOC-Players, Entertainers or Musicians2.151.781.782.2
9160Theatrical Production NOC - All Other Employees2.912.412.412.98
9180Amusement Device Operation NOC - Not Traveling & Drivers3.953.273.274.04
9182Athletic Team or Park-Operation of Park-& Drivers3.152.612.613.22
9186Carnival, Circus or Amusement Device Operator-Traveling-All Employees-& Drivers18.5915.3815.3819.01
9585Shoe Repair Shop1.731.431.431.77
9586Barber Shop1.010.840.841.03
9620Funeral Directors & Drivers2.672.212.212.73

Workers Comp Insurance: Retail Store & Wholesale Operations

This vital coverage replaces employees’ lost wages when they are off work due to on-the-job accidents or illnesses. Workers comp also pays for employee medical bills.

The private workers comp market in New York allows business owners to purchase this coverage from any private insurance agency or company that is licensed to write insurance in the state. Enforce Coverage Group, like other workers compensation insurance agents, competes with the New York State Insurance Fund. This public entity assists employers that cannot find insurance coverage elsewhere.

The NYSIF does accept high-risk businesses, but you should be aware that the NYSIF rates are often much higher than those found with private insurance carriers.

Although your business type, number of employees and past claims affect your workers compensation premiums, you can shop these rates to find the best coverage and pricing to fit your needs.

Enforce Coverage Group specializes in workers comp insurance for retail stores and wholesalers. We can help you find the right policy to protect your employees and business.

View our Sample Retailers & Wholesale NY Workers Compensation Rates to see the savings we’ve obtained for our clients:

Class Code 2003 Bakeries & Drivers
NYSIF $9.63     Our preferred carrier $7.96

Class Code 8018 Carpet, Rug, Linoleum Store – Wholesale
NYSIF $6.22     Our preferred carrier $5.15

Class Code 8291 Storage Warehouse-Cold
NYSIF $12.75     Our preferred carrier $10.55

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 *Rate above are examples of New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey Workers Compensation Manual Rates and do not include experience Modifications, discounts surcharges and taxes. Rates available for food businesses and restaurants. 

NY workers compensation rates