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Workers Comp Rates For Construction Companies in NY Tri-State

Enforce Coverage Group specializes in workers compensation for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut based construction companies. We custom design programs in order to meet your company’s requirements and save you money.

Our insurance professionals offer reliable coverage and oversee every detail to ensure that you have appropriate coverage without any overcharges. Part of our commitment to our clients includes auditing your existing policy to ensure that your employees are properly classified. We also review your experience modification factor to see where you may be able to save money on your rates.

Over 100 Class Code rates for 2017 are available for Workers Comp for contractors in NYS including:

  • Roofing, Insulation, Tile
  • Concrete, Masonry, Marble
  • Siding, Aluminum, Vinyl
  • Steel, Erection, Buildings, Iron
  • Roads, Asphalt
  • Stone, Tile, Terrazzo
  • Painting, Stucco,
  • Carpentry, Furniture, Drywall
  • Electric, HVAC
  • Oil, Gas Boiler Install
  • Landscape, Lawns, Trees
  • Flooring, Hardwood, Cleaning, Carpet

We’ve been able to obtain savings for our clients of up to 28% off manual rates for New York.

If you are unsure whether you are overpaying or have proper coverage, call our resource line at 212-947-4298.

If you do not see your NY workers comp code for the construction industry below, contact us for clarification and appropriate rates.

New York Workers Comp Rates for Contractors

Class Code Classification / PhraseologyOct. 2017Carrier 1Carrier 2Carrier 3
0005CTRNursery Employees & Drivers3.343.674.074.54
0042CTRLandscape Gardening & Drivers7.137.848.709.70
0106CTRTree Pruning, Repairing or Trimming & Drivers11.4812.6314.0115.61
0251CTRIrrigation Works Operation & Drivers15.5717.1319.0021.18
1463CTRAsphalt Works & Drivers8.739.6010.6511.87
1624CTRQuarry NOC & Drivers5.435.976.627.38
1701CTRCement Mfg.7.368.108.9810.01
1710CTRStone Crushing & Drivers6.567.228.008.92
1809CTRStone Cutting or Polishing-Marble Or Limestone & Drivers13.6615.0316.6718.58
1810CTRStone Cutting or Polishing NOC & Drivers12.1913.4114.8716.58
2593CTRCarpet, Rug or Upholstery Cleaning-Shop or Outside-& Route Salespersons, Drivers6.967.668.499.47
3726CTRBoiler Installation or Repair-Steam15.8817.4719.3721.60
3737CTRMachinery Or Equipment Repair Or Servicing At Customers Premises NOC & Drivers5.516.066.727.49
5000CTRChimney Construction-Not Metal30.0933.1036.7140.92
5022CTRMasonry NOC21.5423.6926.2829.29
5037CTRPainting-Metal Structures-Over Two Stories in Height-& Drivers26.9229.6132.8436.61
5040CTRIron or Steel Erection-Frame Structures30.1833.2036.8241.04
5057CTRIron or Steel Erection NOC20.4222.4624.9127.77
5059CTRIron Or Steel Erection-Frame Structures- Not Over Two Stories In Height39.7143.6848.4554.01
5069CTRIron or Steel Erection-Construction of Dwellings-Not Over Two Stories in Height38.2642.0946.6852.03
5102CTRDoor, Door Frame or Sash Erection - Metal Or Metal Covered15.3116.8418.6820.82
5160CTRElevator Erection Or Repair5.846.427.127.94
5183CTRPlumbing NOC & Drivers8.168.989.9611.10
5184CTRBoiler or Steam Pipe Insulating & Drivers9.6310.5911.7513.10
5188CTRAutomatic Sprinkler Installation & Drivers7.698.469.3810.46
5190CTRElectrical Wiring - Within Buildings & Drivers6.577.238.028.94
5191CTROffice Machine Installation, Inspection, Adjustment or Repair1.681.852.052.28
5192CTRVending Or Coin Operated Machines - Installation, Service Or Repair & Rte Sales, Rte Supervs, Driver4.965.466.056.75
5193CTROil or Gas Burner Installation, Service or Repair & Shop & Drivers11.7312.9014.3115.95
5213CTRConcrete Construction NOC20.1322.1424.5627.38
5221CTRConcrete Or Cement Work-Floors Driveways, Yards Or Sidewalks & Drivers15.1716.6918.5120.63
5222CTRConcrete Construction In Connection With Bridges Or Culverts10.9312.0213.3314.86
5223CTRSwimming Pool Construction-Not Iron or Steel-& Drivers11.3712.5113.8715.46
5348CTRMarble Or Stone Setting - Inside9.6610.6311.7913.14
5402CTRGreenhouse Erection-All Operations11.4312.5713.9415.54
5403CTRCarpentry NOC17.2719.0021.0723.49
5428CTRStorm Door, Storm Sash, Screens or Weather Stripping Installation7.358.098.9710.00
5429CTRCabinet Works Installation9.2510.1811.2912.58
5443CTRLathing & Drivers10.7411.8113.1014.61
5445CTRWallboard Installation - Within Buildings & Drivers10.4611.5112.7614.23
5462CTRGlazier-Away From Shop & Drivers11.3812.5213.8815.48
5473CTRAsbestos Contractor30.2633.2936.9241.15
5474CTRPainting Or Decorating NOC & Drivers11.6012.7614.1515.78
5479CTRInsulation Work NOC & Drivers8.399.2310.2411.41
5480CTRPlastering NOC & Drivers11.9513.1514.5816.25
5491CTRWallpaper Hanging & Drivers4.494.945.486.11
5506CTRStreet Or Road Construction- Paving Or Repaving & Drivers16.5118.1620.1422.45
5507CTRStreet Or Road Construction- Sub-Surface Work & Drivers9.3510.2911.4112.72
5508CTRExcavation-Rock & Drivers7.858.649.5810.68
5536CTRAir Conditioning & Heating Duct Work- Shop & Outside & Drivers9.009.9010.9812.24
5538CTRSheet Metal Work Erection, Installation or Repair NOC-Shop or Outside-& Drivers10.5511.6112.8714.35
5545CTRRoofing NOC & Drivers25.7628.3431.4335.03
5547CTRRoofing-Built-Up-& Drivers15.2816.8118.6420.78
5606CTRContractor- Executive Supervisor, Construction Executive, Manager Superintendent Or Project Manager4.915.405.996.68
5610CTRCleaner-Debris Removal- Construction Or Erection10.2811.3112.5413.98
5645CTRCarpentry- Detached One Or Two - Family Dwellings13.5714.9316.5618.46
5648CTRAluminum Plastic Or Vinyl Siding Installation & Drivers23.5625.9228.7432.04
5651CTRCarpentry - Dwellings - Three Stories Or Less8.419.2510.2611.44
5701CTRWrecking - Buildings - Not Marine & Drivers23.6325.9928.8332.14
5703CTRBuilding Raising Or Moving - All Employees & Drivers33.2736.6040.5945.25
5709CTRWrecking - Not Building Or Marine Wrecking27.4530.2033.4937.33
6204CTRDrilling NOC & Drivers10.1811.2012.4213.84
6216CTRGas or Oil Lease Work NOC-Natural Gas-By Contractor-& Drivers10.2211.2412.4713.90
6217CTRExcavation NOC & Drivers9.3710.3111.4312.74
6229CTRIrrigation System Construction & Drivers6.587.248.038.95
6233CTRGas or Oil Pipeline Construction & Drivers6.316.947.708.58
6235CTROil or Gas Well-Drilling or Redrilling-& Drivers10.5411.5912.8614.33
6306CTRSewer Construction-All Operations-& Drivers11.0612.1713.4915.04
6319CTRGas Main or Connection Construction & Drivers9.8710.8612.0413.42
6325CTRConduit Construction-For Cables or Wires-& Drivers8.849.7210.7812.02
6400CTRFence Erection-Metal
6504CTRFood Sundries Mfg. NOC-No Cereal Milling5.466.016.667.43
7536CTRCable Installation & Drivers9.2810.2111.3212.62
7538CTRElectric Light Or Power Line Construction & Drivers6.316.947.708.58
7539CTRElectric Light Or Power Co - All Employees & Drivers2.112.322.572.87
7723CTRDetective or Patrol Agency & Drivers2.232.452.723.03
7855CTRRailroad Construction-Laying or Relaying Tracks-No Work on Elevated Railroads-& Drivers6.597.258.048.96
8227CTRConstruction or Erection Permanent Yard13.8115.1916.8518.78
8232CTRBuilding Material Dealer-No Second-Hand Material-& Local Managers, Drivers7.798.579.5010.59
8235CTRDoor, Sash or Finished Millwork Dealer & Drivers6.006.607.328.16
8265CTRIron or Steel Scrap Dealer & Drivers11.7012.8714.2715.91
8601CTREngineer Or Architect - Consulting.570.630.700.78
8731CTRBoiler Inspection3.243.563.954.41
8800CTRMailing or Addressing Co.2.382.622.903.24
8802CTRVinyl Letter Processing1.631.791.992.22
9014CTRExterminator & Drivers5.936.527.238.06
9025CTRCleaning Outside Surfaces of Buildings & Drivers23.4825.8328.6531.93
9026CTRBuilding Operation - Commerical - No Dwelling Occupancy Except By Owner Or Custodian5.155.676.287.00
9027CTRBuilding Operation -Dwelling Or Dwelling/Commercial Occ. No More Than One Story For Comm. Purposes17.9319.7221.8724.38
9028CTRBuilding Operation NOC - Dwelling Or Combined Dwelling And Commercial Occupancy3.834.214.675.21
9029CTRBuilding NOC-Maintenance or Ordinary Repair Only-Not Contractors6.356.997.758.64
9030CTRBuilding Service Contractor6.356.997.758.64
9220CTRCemetery Operation & Drivers9.9610.9612.1513.55
9402CTRStreet Cleaning & Drivers8.209.0210.0011.15
9519CTRHousehold Appliances-Electrical-Installation, Service or Repair-& Drivers5.526.076.737.51
9521CTRHouse Furnishings Installation NOC & Upholstering5.736.306.997.79
9526CTRScaffolds, Hod Hoists, Construction Elevators - Built-Up from Ground - Installation, Rep. Or Removal & D.14.2115.6317.3419.33
9527CTRScaffolds-Sidewalk Bridges - Not Over One Story In Height - Installation, Repair Or Removal & Driver33.7337.1041.1545.87
9539CTRAwning, Tent Or Canvas Goods Erection, Removal Or Repair & Drivers 12.8414.1215.6617.46
9552CTRSign Erection or Repair-Away from Shop-Not Outdoor Advertising Companies-& Drivers14.7316.2017.9720.03
9553CTRSign Painting Or Lettering On Buildings Or Structures & Drivers9.2010.1211.2212.51

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