New York Rates for Manufacturers

NY Work Comp Rates

As a private insurance agency, we have established relationships with top-rated insurance companies that offer competitive rates on New York workers compensation insurance.

Our rates are so low that many of our clients save 5, 10 or up to 20% off New York’s standard rates!

New York Workers Comp Rates for Manufacturers & The Manufacturing Industry

Class Code Classification / PhraseologyOct. 2017Company 1Company 2Company 3
1470MFGAlcohol Mfg.-Wood-& Drivers14.4215.8617.5919.61
1853MFGMica Goods Mfg. & Mica Preparing5.966.567.278.11
1860MFGAbrasive Paper or Cloth Preparation15.8717.4619.3621.58
1924MFGWire Drawing-Not Iron or Steel7.057.768.609.59
1925MFGDie Casting Mfg.9.8410.8212.0013.38
2001MFGCookie Mfg.7.438.179.0610.10
2002MFGMacaroni Mfg.7.878.669.6010.70
2003MFGBakery & Route Salespersons, Route Supervisors, Drivers6.477.127.898.80
2014MFGFeed Mfg.6.697.368.169.10
2021MFGSugar Refining5.536.086.757.52
2039MFGIce Cream Mfg.& Route Salespersons, Route Supervisors, Drivers7.237.958.829.83
2041MFGCandy, Chocolate or Cocoa Mfg. 6.887.578.399.36
2065MFGMilk Products Mfg. NOC6.056.667.388.23
2070MFGMilk Depot Or Milk Dealer & Route Salespersons, Route Supervisors, Drivers7.798.579.5010.59
2095MFGMeat Products Mfg. NOC10.9612.0613.3714.91
2101MFGFish Curing5.325.856.497.24
2105MFGFruit Packing9.4010.3411.4712.78
2121MFGBrewery & Drivers7.077.788.639.62
2143MFGFruit Juice Mfg.-All Operations5.596.156.827.60
2150MFGIce Mfg.15.4517.0018.8521.01
2157MFGBottling NOC & Drivers14.5916.0517.8019.84
2172MFGCigarette, Cigar or Tobacco Mfg.3.744.114.565.09
2211MFGCotton Batting, Wadding or Waste Mfg. 5.846.427.127.94
2286MFGWool Spinning And Weaving4.835.315.896.57
2288MFGFelt Mfg.10.8511.9413.2414.76
2302MFGSilk Thread or Yarn Mfg.4.034.434.925.48
2303MFGSilk Throwing And Weaving5.405.946.597.34
2305MFGTextile Fiber Mfg. - Synthetic6.036.637.368.20
2362MFGKnit Goods Mfg. NOC2.793.073.403.79
2380MFGNet Mfg.13.5614.9216.5418.44
2383MFGCarbon Paper or Typewriter Ribbon Mfg.4.434.875.406.02
2387MFGBraid or Fringe Mfg4.595.055.606.24
2388MFGEmbroidery Mfg.4.224.645.155.74
2402MFGCarpet or Rug Mfg. NOC3.213.533.924.37
2413MFGTextile-Bleaching, Dyeing, Mercerizing, Finishing5.405.946.597.34
2416MFGThread or Yarn Dyeing or Finishing2.883.173.513.92
2417MFGCloth Printing4.755.235.806.46
2501MFGClothing Mfg..931.021.131.26
2503MFGCustom Clothing or Tailor Shop-Alterations-No Mass Mfg., Dry Cleaning or Laundering1.221.341.491.66
2534MFGFeather or Flower Mfg.-Artificial6.316.947.708.58
2553MFGFurnishing Goods Mfg. NOC-From Textile Fabrics3.483.834.254.73
2570MFGBox Spring or Mattress Mfg.6.367.007.768.65
2571MFGPillow, Quilt, Or Cushion Mfg. 4.675.145.706.35
2576MFGAwning or Tent Mfg.-Shop Only4.905.395.986.66
2578MFGBag or Sack Mfg.-Cloth3.754.134.585.10
2600MFGFur Mfg. - Preparing Skins8.299.1210.1111.27
2623MFGLeather Mfg.-Patent or Enamel5.456.006.657.41
2640MFGLeather Embossing20.8822.9725.4728.40
2660MFGBoot or Shoe Mfg. NOC3.764.144.595.11
2670MFGGlove Mfg.-Leather or Textile4.294.725.235.83
2683MFGLuggage Mfg.6.657.328.119.04
2688MFGLeather Goods Mfg. NOC2.002.202.442.72
2689MFGPocketbook Mfg.1.261.391.541.71
2702MFGLogging or Lumbering & Drivers24.9227.4130.4033.89
2710MFGSaw Mill8.849.7210.7812.02
2714MFGVeneer Mfg.12.5213.7715.2717.03
2731MFGMolding or Planing Mill6.657.328.119.04
2735MFGFurniture Stock Mfg.4.585.045.596.23
2737MFGDoor, Sash Or Assembled Millwork Mfg & Drivers7.598.359.2610.32
2759MFGBox or Box Shook Mfg.15.9617.5619.4721.71
2790MFGPattern Making NOC2.743.013.343.73
2802MFGCarpentry-Shop Only-& Drivers7.978.779.7210.84
2816MFGCabinet Works-With Power Machinery5.035.536.146.84
2817MFGCabinet Works-With Power Machinery4.905.395.986.66
2818MFGCabinet Works-With Power Machinery5.395.936.587.33
2835MFGBrush or Brook Mfg. NOC3.463.814.224.71
2841MFGWoodenware Mfg. NOC5.926.517.228.05
2881MFGFurniture Assembly-Wood-From Manufactured Parts4.024.424.905.47
2883MFGFurniture Mfg. NOC-Wood4.795.275.846.51
2913MFGRattan, Willow Or Twisted Fiber Products Mfg. 4.484.935.476.09
2916MFGVeneer Products Mfg.5.866.457.157.97
2923MFGMusical Instrument Mfg. NOC-Wood2.482.733.033.37
2942MFGCrayon, Pencil or Penholder Mfg. 3.253.583.974.42
3004MFGIron or Steel-Manufacturing-Steel Making-& Drivers7.338.068.949.97
3018MFGIron or Steel-Manufacturing-Rolling Mill-& Drivers11.5112.6614.0415.65
3022MFGPipe or Tube Mfg. NOC & Drivers11.1212.2313.5715.12
3027MFGRolling Mill NOC & Drivers2.903.193.543.94
3028MFGPipe or Tube Mfg.-Iron or Steel-& Drivers16.5618.2220.2022.52
3030MFGIron or Steel Fabrication -Iron or Steel Works Shop-Structural-& Drivers13.1114.4215.9917.83
3040MFGIron or Steel Fabrication-Iron or Steel Works Shop-Ornamental-& Drivers12.9914.2915.8517.67
3041MFGIron or Steel Fabrication-Iron or Steel Works Shop-Decorative or Artistic & Foundries, Drivers7.378.118.9910.02
3042MFGElevator or Escalator Mfg.6.186.807.548.40
3060MFGDoor, Door Frame or Sash Mfg - Wood- Metal Covered18.2920.1222.3124.87
3064MFGSign Mfg. or Repair-Metal-Shop Only9.1710.0911.1912.47
3066MFGSheet Metal Work-Shop Only4.394.835.365.97
3067MFGSheet Metal Work-Shop Only4.514.965.506.13
3076MFGFireproof Equipment Mfg.3.944.334.815.36
3081MFGFoundry NOC-Ferrous10.3811.4212.6614.12
3110MFGForging Work-Drop or Machine17.3219.0521.1323.56
3113MFGTool Mfg. NOC-Not Drop or Machine Forged2.642.903.223.59
3114MFGTool Mfg. NOC-Drop or Machine Forged-Machining or Finishing of Tools or Die Making Operations3.503.854.274.76
3118MFGSaw Mfg3.503.854.274.76
3122MFGCutlery Mfg. NOC5.996.597.318.15
3126MFGTool Mfg. Agricultural, Construction, Logging, Mining, Oil or Artesian Well18.0319.8322.0024.52
3129MFGBuckle or Button Mfg.-Metal4.755.235.806.46
3132MFGBolt or Nut Mfg.2.292.522.793.11
3145MFGAutomatic Screw Machine Products Mfg.2.712.983.313.69
3146MFGHardware Mfg. NOC2.442.682.983.32
3169MFGStove Mfg.4.645.105.666.31
3179MFGElectrical Apparatus Mfg. NOC3.283.614.004.46
3188MFGPlumbers Supplies Mfg. NOC4.154.575.065.64
3190MFGElectric Lighting Fixture, Lantern or Lamp Mfg.-Assembly & Finishing4.114.525.015.59
3191MFGElectric Lighting Fixture, Lantern or Lamp Mfg.-All Other Operations5.766.347.037.83
3200MFGArms Mfg. NOC3.994.394.875.43
3220MFGCan Mfg.3.714.084.535.05
3227MFGAluminum Ware Mfg.36.3039.9344.2949.37
3241MFGWire Drawing-Iron or Steel6.477.127.898.80
3255MFGWire Cloth Mfg.5.245.766.397.13
3257MFGWire Goods Mfg. NOC4.855.345.926.60
3270MFGFastener Mfg.-Metal2.853.143.483.88
3300MFGBed Spring Or Wire Mattree Spring Mfg.5.205.726.347.07
3303MFGSpring Mfg.6.026.627.348.19
3307MFGHeat Treating-Metal5.726.296.987.78
3315MFGBrass or Copper Goods Mfg.9.2010.1211.2212.51
3336MFGType Foundry2.642.903.223.59
3365MFGWelding or Cutting NOC & Drivers11.8313.0114.4316.09
3381MFGSilverware Mfg.3.203.523.904.35
3383MFGJewelry Mfg..790.870.961.07
3384MFGPrecious Stone Setting.380.420.460.52
3385MFGClock Mfg.1.491.641.822.03
3400MFGMetal Stamped Products Mfg. NOC9.8010.7811.9613.33
3507MFGAgricultural or Construction Machinery Mfg.4.034.434.925.48
3515MFGTextile Machinery Mfg.4.254.685.195.78
3548MFGBookbinding or Printing Machinery Mfg.3.553.914.334.83
3559MFGConfection Machinery Mfg.3.834.214.675.21
3561MFGSewing Maching Mfg.3.323.654.054.52
3574MFGOffice Computing or Recording Machine Mfg. NOC1.
3581MFGFuel Injection Device Mfg.2.292.522.793.11
3612MFGPump Mfg.3.333.664.064.53
3620MFGTank Building-Metal-Shop6.957.658.489.45
3629MFGPrecision Machined Parts Mfg. NOC2.112.322.572.87
3632MFGMachine Shop NOC4.224.645.155.74
3634MFGValve Mfg.2.783.063.393.78
3635MFGGear Mfg. or Grinding4.074.484.975.54
3638MFGBall or Roller Bearing Mfg.4.424.865.396.01
3642MFGBattery Mfg.-Dry3.243.563.954.41
3643MFGElectric Power or Transmission Equipment Mfg.3.253.583.974.42
3647MFGBattery Mfg.-Storage6.587.248.038.95
3648MFGAutomobile Lighting, Ignition or Starting Apparatus Mfg. NOC2.903.193.543.94
3681MFGRadio, Telephone or Television Mfg. NOC
3685MFGInstrument Mfg. NOC1.661.832.032.26
3686MFGMusical Instrument Mfg. NOC- Metal2.642.903.223.59
3724MFGMachinery Or Equipment Erection Or Installation NOC & Drivers6.286.917.668.54
3807MFGAutomobile Radiator Mfg.7.157.878.729.72
3808MFGAutomobile Mfg. or Assembly5.145.656.276.99
3823MFGAutomobile, Bus, Truck Or Trailer Body Mfg. - Riveted Or Welded8.689.5510.5911.80
3824MFGAutomobile, Bus, Truck or Trailer Body Mfg.-NOC7.648.409.3210.39
3826MFGAircraft Engine Mfg.2.232.452.723.03
3827MFGAutomobile Engine Mfg.8.088.899.8610.99
3830MFGAirplane Mfg.3.774.154.605.13
3832MFGSheet Metal Airplane Parts Mfg.4.134.545.045.62
3865MFGBaby Carriage Mfg.3.343.674.074.54
4024MFGBrick Mfg.-Fire or Enameled-& Drivers6.256.887.638.50
4034MFGConcrete Products Mfg. & Drivers13.0514.3615.9217.75
4038MFGPlasters Statuary Or Ornament Mfg.4.735.205.776.43
4053MFGPottery Mfg.-China or Tableware7.538.289.1910.24
4061MFGPottery Mfg.-Earthenware-Glazed or Porcelain-Hand Molded or Cast6.266.897.648.51
4062MFGPottery Mfg.-Porcelain Ware-Mechanical Press Forming7.448.189.0810.12
4101MFGGlass Mfg. NOC & Drivers4.064.474.955.52
4111MFGGlassware Mfg. - No Automatic Blowing Machines4.575.035.586.22
4112MFGIncandescent Lamp Mfg.2.763.043.373.75
4114MFGGlassware Mfg. NOC3.443.784.204.68
4131MFGMirror Mfg.5.285.816.447.18
4150MFGOptical Goods Mfg. NOC2.202.422.682.99
4207MFGPulp Mfg.-Chemical Process1.651.822.012.24
4239MFGPaper Mfg.4.444.885.426.04
4240MFGBox Mfg.-Set-Up Paper6.096.707.438.28
4243MFGBox Mfg. NOC-Folding Paper4.705.175.736.39
4244MFGCorrugated Or Fiberboard Container Mfg.3.383.724.124.60
4250MFGPaper Coating3.573.934.364.86
4251MFGStationery Mfg.3.994.394.875.43
4263MFGFiber Goods Mfg.6.857.548.369.32
4273MFGBag Mfg.-Paper or Plastic3.804.184.645.17
4279MFGPaper Goods Mfg. NOC5.045.546.156.85
4282MFGDress Pattern Mfg.-Paper.650.720.790.88
4298MFGSample Card Mfg.2.993.293.654.07
4301MFGWallpaper Mfg.9.1910.1111.2112.50
4304MFGNewspaper Publishing10.0411.0412.2513.65
4410MFGRubber Goods Mfg. NOC6.286.917.668.54
4420MFGRubber Tire Mfg.14.6216.0817.8419.88
4452MFGPlastics Mfg. Fabricated Products NOC5.005.506.106.80
4459MFGPlastics Mfg.-Sheets, Rods, or Tubes4.294.725.235.83
4470MFGCable Mfg.-Insulated Electrical4.444.885.426.04
4475MFGPlastics Mfg.-Molded Products NOC3.754.134.585.10
4476MFGPlastics Mfg. - Molded Producits NOC - Assembling And Subsequent Finishing Only2.743.013.343.73
4479MFGButton Mfg. NOC3.423.764.174.65
4491MFGLinoleum Mfg.7.217.938.809.81
4493MFGFabric Coating or Impregnating NOC6.477.127.898.80
4511MFGAnalytical Chemist.800.880.981.09
4557MFGInk Mfg.-Printing2.412.652.943.28
4558MFGPaint Mfg.4.925.416.006.69
4561MFGVarnish Mfg. Oleo - Resinous5.145.656.276.99
4568MFGBorax Potash or Salt Producing or Refining & Drivers3.974.374.845.40
4583MFGFertilizer Mfg. & Drivers11.2912.4213.7715.35
4597MFGInk (Writing), Muculage Or Paste Mfg. 3.623.984.424.92
4611MFGDrug, Medicine Or Pharmaceutical Preparation-No Mfg. Of Ingredients. 2.923.213.563.97
4628MFGExtract Mfg.2.112.322.572.87
4635MFGOxygen or Hydrogen Mfg. & Drivers6.447.087.868.76
4653MFGGlue Mfg. & Drivers3.353.694.094.56
4665MFGRendering Works NOC & Drivers18.5320.3822.6125.20
4693MFGPharmaceutical Goods Mfg. NOC3.183.503.884.32
4710MFGCandle Mfg.4.625.085.646.28
4712MFGGrease Or Oil Mixing Or Blending3.794.174.625.15
4720MFGSoap or Synthetic Detergent Mfg.5.976.577.288.12
4751MFGSynthetic Rubber Mfg.3.974.374.845.40
4902MFGSporting Goods Mfg. NOC4.785.265.836.50
4923MFGPhotographic Supplies Mfg.1.892.082.312.57
9501MFGPainting-Shop Only-& Drivers2.282.512.783.10
9505MFGAutomobile, Bus, Truck or Trailer Body Mfg.-Painting5.876.467.167.98

About NY Work Comp Rates and Code Classes

There is overlap and numerous codes with various rates within the same industry. For clarification of your specialized business within various code classes, contact our resource line for more information. Our resource experts are available to answer your questions to help determine if you currently insured under the proper code with the appropriate coverage. We can analyze your existing business, risk level and existing policy. We’ll then determine if discounts and expanded coverage are available for your company.

Whether your employees are classified under carpet pad manufacturing (class code 4410) or metal stamping mfg. (class code 3400), Enforce Coverage Group can help you save!

There’s no reason to pay more for your coverage than is absolutely necessary.

How Enforce Can Help With Your Business Insurance

Here at Enforce, we’ll thoroughly analyze your existing insurance policy and make sure that your employees are properly classified. We’ll also seek preferred rates with some of the best workers compensation insurance companies in New York.

We’ll then custom-design a plan to offer your business the best protection available in the market today. You’ll have access to us throughout the process so that you fully understand your coverage and how our agency can save you time and money.

Contact Us For The NY Work Comp Rates For Your Business

For 2017, there are over 218 code classifications and rates for manufacturing companies worker comp insurance in New Jersey, Connecticut, NYS, NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester County, Rockland County. We are licensed in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. We also serve trucking companies, retailers, and construction companies.

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