Workers Comp for New York Truck Drivers

new york workers comp rates

Commercial Transportation Companies: Covering Truckers and Drivers

The 2018 New York Workers Comp Rates for truckers and drivers is a large and diverse group with variations in rates.

In fact, many commercial trucking companies experience challenges when it comes to obtaining workers compensation insurance for their operations. This is due in part to the difficulty that insurance underwriters have with properly accessing the company’s risk.

Challenges with Workers Comp Coverage for Truck Drivers and Transport Companies

The issue with pricing workers comp rates is typically related to the fact that many commercial transportation firms employ truck drivers that live in states other than the one that the company’s main offices are located in. Where it becomes tricky is when an accident or injury occurs in a state other than the transport company’s or trucker’s home location.

Ultimately, anyone can place you with NY workers comp insurance; however, our specialized knowledge of specific carriers and their programs enable us to place you with the most comprehensive coverage at the most competitive pricing. Combine that with personalized customer service, and you get a seamless, problem free experience through the term of your policy.

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Enforce Coverage Group works with many different workers compensation insurance carriers that offer highly competitive rates.

With tight competition in the trucking industry and budget a primary concern for many fleet and transportation firms, you need workers compensation insurance that will fit your budget while also offering the most protection available.

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Look at some of the savings we’ve secured for our trucking clients:

Class Code 8044     Furniture Store Drivers     NYSIF $5.76     Our Preferred Carrier $4.76

Class Code 5545     Roofer: all operations & Drivers     NYSIF $36.96     Our Preferred Carrier: $30.57

Class Code 8232     Lumberyard warehouse & drivers     NYSIF $11.58     Our Preferred Carrier: $9.58

New York Workers Comp Rates for Truckers, Trucking & Transportation Industry

Class Code Classification / PhraseologyOct. 2017Carrier 1Carrier 2Carrier 3
2594TRSLinen, Towel, Uniform Or Apron Rental & Cleaning Company & Route7.678.449.3610.43
4000TRSSand or Gravel Digging & Drivers7.278.008.879.89
7197TRSTrucking - Parcels Or Packages - Home Delivery From Retail Stores & Drivers10.5711.6312.9014.38
7201TRSBoarding or Livery Stable-Not Sales Stable-& Drivers5.696.266.947.74
7207TRSClub Or Riding Academy & Drivers4.815.295.876.54
7219TRSTrucking NOC-All Employees-& Drivers13.3614.7016.3018.17
7231TRSMessenger Service Companies - Delivering Mail, Parcels Or Packages - All Employees & Drivers10.9011.9913.3014.82
7242TRSMessenger Service Companies - Bicycle Delivery Of Envelopes, Parcels Or Packages27.8730.6634.0037.90
7364TRSIndependent Livery Drivers3.293.624.014.47
7370TRSAmbulance Operation - Volunteer Ambulance Service Company00.000.000.00
7377TRSLimousine or Livery Service - Private - All Other Employees & Drivers11.1512.2713.6015.16
7380TRSDrivers and Helpers NOC-Commercial10.3011.3312.5714.01
7390TRSBeer or Ale Dealer-Wholesale-& Drivers17.7519.5321.6624.14
7590TRSGarbage Works5.576.136.807.58
8263TRSJunk Dealer & Drivers10.3411.3712.6114.06
8264TRSBottle, Rubber, Paper Stock or Rag Dealer-Second-Hand-& Drivers8.259.0810.0711.22
8291TRSStorage Warehouse-Cold9.1610.0811.1812.46
8292TRSStorage Warehouse NOC5.986.587.308.13
8293TRSFurniture Moving And/Or Storage & Drivers12.6813.9515.4717.24
8350TRSGasoline or Oil Dealer & Drivers11.8813.0714.4916.16
8385TRSBus Company - Garage Employees9.7010.6711.8313.19
8394TRSBus Company - All Other Employees & Drivers6.367.007.768.65
8500TRSMetal Scrap Dealer & Drivers8.609.4610.4911.70
8745TRSNews Agent or Distributor of Magazines or Other Periodicals-Not Retail Dlr-& Outside Salespersons, D7.658.429.3310.40
8751TRSRoute Salespersons and Route Supervisors4.464.915.446.07
9403TRSGarbage, Ashes Or Refuse Collection & Drivers14.9616.4618.2520.35
9410TRSMunicipal, Township, County Or State Employee NOC 8.509.3510.3711.56
9534TRSMobile Crane and Hoisting Service Contractors NOC & Drivers14.6816.1517.9119.96
9545TRSBill Posting & Drivers13.4314.7716.3818.26

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*Rate above are example of New York Workers Comp Manual Rates and do not include experience Modifications, discounts, surcharges and/or taxes.

new york workers comp rates