Workers’ Comp Audit Dispute

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Workers' Comp Audit Dispute

Workers’ Comp Audit Dispute Since an audit is an unavoidable aspect of having a Workers’ Comp policy, it is important to understand the process as well as the options you have if you feel the Workers’ Comp audit is not correct. Disputing a Workers’ Comp audit is necessary at times for a number of reasons. The most common are listed … Read More

Preparing for a Workers’ Comp Audit

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Workers' Comp Audit Dispute

Preparing for a Workers’ Comp Audit Workers’ Comp audits are unavoidable. When you obtain a Workers’ Comp policy, the premium is determined using your estimated annual payrolls and classification codes based on your operations. At the end of your policy period, an audit is completed to determine your actual premium. This may result in either an additional premium due, or … Read More