Money Saving Tips: Workers Compensation Insurance Guide

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workers comp money saving tips

Workers Comp Strategies that Will Positively Influence Your Bottom Line This workers compensation insurance guide offers suggestions about safety in the workplace, return to work strategies, claims management, and medical and legal considerations. Safety Program Goals Investigate near-miss incidents to prevent future accidents. Seventy-five percent of accidents are preceded by a near miss. Create a risk control service plan based … Read More

Workers Compensation Audit Tips

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Workers Compensation Audit Tips -3-Things You Need To Know No matter how long you have been in business, Workers Compensation Audit Tips might help to answer any questions you may still have about the process that takes place once a year. What Is A Premium Audit & Why Is It Required? Workers compensation policy premium is based on payroll estimates. At the … Read More

Workers Compensation Rate 7219, Trucking Gets 11.8% Rate Increase

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NY trucking insurance

  NY State Workers Comp Truckers classified under 7219 get a 11.8% rate increase on their 2017  policies. Workers Comp Rates – Click Here Definition-Applied to Trucking companies that haul general merchandise under contract for others. Who Can Use it-In NY State,  Class Code 7219 is used by long and short haul truckers that transport products, merchandise, automobiles, freight and … Read More

Reducing Workplace Mishaps can Lead to Lower Compensation Premiums

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Prevent office worker injuries

Safety in the workplace is compulsory for any and all businesses. Safety audits are also performed on a regular basis to check if businesses are complying with mandatory rules and regulations. Despite strong security protocols, however, accidents and mishaps continue to soar at alarming rates. In fact, many employees are currently receiving Workman’s Compensation due to job related accidents and … Read More

Reducing Workplace Accidents and Keeping Compensation Prices Lower

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injured workers have not benefited from 2007 workers comp reforms according to Workers Comp Alliance Report

Reducing Workplace Accidents and Keeping Compensation Prices Lower Safety in the workplace is mandatory for any new or existing business. In fact, safety audits are performed regularly to ensure businesses are complying with compulsory rules and regulations. Even with taking all security measures, however, accidents are still bound to occur. During these instances, employees have the legal right to file … Read More

The Importance of Having the Right Workers Comp Class Codes

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learn more about NY workers compensation class codes

New York Workers Comp Class Codes: An Important Component of Your Policy Having the correct NY workers compensation class codes is truly important for business owners. In fact, any incorrect codes on workers comp insurance policies can result in higher premium costs. It can also be a lengthy process if audits are needed for worker’s comp policy review. To ensure you have … Read More

How Workers Comp Class Codes Affect New York Businesses

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workers comp class codes

New York workers comp law requires that all employers obtain and continuously keep in effect workers compensation coverage for all employees. According to Section 51 of the Workers’ Compensation Law, as an employer you must post a Form Notice of Compliance – Workers’ Compensation Law (C-105). Most states use the NCCI class codes. However, the governing authority for workers comp classifications … Read More

New York Workers Compensation Insurance Protects Your Business

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New York workers compensation insurance shields employers from financial liability for injuries employees sustain in the course of discharging their duties at work. Such injuries may cause disability or even death to the affected employee. Workers comp coverage provides medical benefits and monetary reparations to injured workers for lost wages. In the unfortunate event of a death, the deceased employee’s … Read More

What are Workers Comp Insurance Safety Groups?

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Learn how to save money on your workers comp insurance

Workers Comp insurance safety groups are a vehicle by which New York employers pool together to save on workers compensation insurance costs. Nationwide, industry associations and clubs create safety groups to make it more affordable for their members to purchase insurance. Safety groups help reduce workers comp costs for members that maintain a safe track record and low w/c claims. … Read More

Uncompensated Wage Loss Report Issued by WCA & NYCOSH

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injured workers have not benefited from 2007 workers comp reforms according to Workers Comp Alliance Report

Employer Alert: In February, the wage loss report by the Workers Comp Alliance and New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health released results of the 2007 workers comp injured workers reforms. The report discusses how the 2007 reforms affected employees, and in particular, low-wage workers. It concludes that the workers comp insurance reforms did not benefit low-income workers, and … Read More

Is Pay As You Go New York Workers Comp Insurance Right for You?

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New York workers comp insurance

New York workers comp insurance options may seem pretty limiting to many employers and business owners. But there’s one more option that you might not have considered: pay as you go workers comp coverage. This policy option involves using a payroll service to report and handle payroll reporting and premiums. Although most insurance companies offer discounts based on safety records, association … Read More