New York Workers Compensation Insurance Protects Your Business

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New York workers compensation insurance shields employers from financial liability for injuries employees sustain in the course of discharging their duties at work. Such injuries may cause disability or even death to the affected employee. Workers comp coverage provides medical benefits and monetary reparations to injured workers for lost wages. In the unfortunate event of a death, the deceased employee’s … Read More

What are Workers Comp Insurance Safety Groups?

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Learn how to save money on your workers comp insurance

Workers Comp insurance safety groups are a vehicle by which New York employers pool together to save on workers compensation insurance costs. Nationwide, industry associations and clubs create safety groups to make it more affordable for their members to purchase insurance. Safety groups help reduce workers comp costs for members that maintain a safe track record and low w/c claims. … Read More

Uncompensated Wage Loss Report Issued by WCA & NYCOSH

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injured workers have not benefited from 2007 workers comp reforms according to Workers Comp Alliance Report

Employer Alert: In February, the wage loss report by the Workers Comp Alliance and New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health released results of the 2007 workers comp injured workers reforms. The report discusses how the 2007 reforms affected employees, and in particular, low-wage workers. It concludes that the workers comp insurance reforms did not benefit low-income workers, and … Read More

Is Pay As You Go New York Workers Comp Insurance Right for You?

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New York workers comp insurance

New York workers comp insurance options may seem pretty limiting to many employers and business owners. But there’s one more option that you might not have considered: pay as you go workers comp coverage. This policy option involves using a payroll service to report and handle payroll reporting and premiums. Although most insurance companies offer discounts based on safety records, association … Read More

NY Workers Comp Rates for 2016

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New York workers comp

Call Enforce Coverage Group today (212) 947-4298 for help with your NY Workers compensation rates. The NY Workers Comp Board and Insurance Department set the rates for New York workers compensation insurance. Employers report their payroll using the employee class codes for workers’ specific job duties or industry classification. Often, workers comp policies have incorrect class codes, which wind up … Read More

New York Workers Comp Code 5462 Glaziers Decreases 10.1%

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glass merchants & glaziers workers comp code New York

Good news for New York Workers Comp Code 5462 Glaziers. New and renewal policies will have a 10.1 percent decrease on the rates. Effective October 1, 2015, the state applied a loss cost revision, which changed workers comp rates for NY employers. The rates decreased from $12.63 to $11.36. Workers Comp Code 5462 Glaziers & Glass Merchants This class code … Read More

New York Truck Insurance Coverage: What You Need to Know

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New York truck insurance

Before buying New York truck insurance, it’s vital that you understand what coverage is necessary. You’ll also need to know what premium amount represents the average insurance cost for your operations. If you know what to look at when reviewing policies, and you ask the right questions, then you’ll be prepared to make the right decision for your insurance needs. … Read More

NY Trucking Insurance: Workers Compensation & Commercial Coverage

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NY trucking insurance

For NY trucking insurance, companies must purchase workers comp insurance even for those with independent contractor status. Here at Enforce Coverage Group, we offer a broad range of truck insurance programs with full customization to fit your requirements for owner operators, fleet owners & motor carriers. NY Trucking Insurance: Types of Coverage Fleet Owners – New York truckers that lease to … Read More

Well Drilling Class Code 6204 Rates Decrease by 17.3 Percent

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Well drilling class code 6204 New York

Well drilling companies received a 17.3 percent decrease in workers comp base rates for their class code 6204. The rate decreased from $12.93 to $10.69 effective October 1, 2015. Because premium rates vary by insurance company, business owners should get competitive quotes for their workers comp insurance to make sure they have the best rates possible for their policies. Class … Read More

Concrete Construction Class Code 5213 Workers Comp

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New York concrete construction workers comp

In the latest workers comp insurance base rate changes concrete construction class code 5213 pretty much remains unchanged. The rate reduced by only 3 cents from $16.83 to $16.80. WC Classification 5213 Defined This classfication code applies to commercial concrete operations including the construction of buildings, locks, selfbearing floors, dams, foundations, grain elevators, piers and silos. It also includes form … Read More

Milk Products Manufacturing NY Class Code 2065 Rate Increase

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Milk Products Manufacturing NY Class Code 2065

NY workers comp class code 2065 for dairy and milk products manufacturing increased 30 percent effective October 2015. Base rates for other milk-related employee payroll also saw increases with the latest October round of manual rate changes by the NY Compensation Insurance Rating Board and New York State Department of Financial Services. Class Code 2065 Milk Products Manufacturing This workers … Read More